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Are in interested in clay target shooting and require a firearms licence?

You must complete a Firearm Safety Course to obtain a firearm licence.  The application form can be found online at

The following applications must now be completed online via the Victoria Police Licensing eServices Portal. To do so, you will need to create an eServices account.

From your eServices account you will be able to complete your application form, track the progress of your application and receive notifications from the Licensing and Regulation Division.

New Firearm Licence Applications:

  • Longarm Licence Application (Category A, B, C, D or E Longarms)
  • Handgun Licence Application (General Category Handgun or Category E Handgun)
  • Provisional General Category Handgun Licence Application
  • Junior Firearm Licence Application
  • Heirlooms Licence Application


Branch Transfer

If you are new to the area or particularly enjoy shooting at Westernport and wish to transfer from another branch, the branch transfer form can be downloaded.

Vehicle Usage at FGA Events

Due to an increase in the use of vehicles by competitors at events, particularly at the Nationals, FGA at State level have formed a policy on vehicle use. This covers all forms of motorised transport by competitors regardless of the reason and includes as example, cars, quad-bikes, golf carts, mobility scooters etc.

Competitors will not be unreasonably denied the use of these vehicles where a genuine need exists, but will need to apply annually to FGA to do so, and comply with rules for competitors relating to vehicle use when using vehicles on any FGA ground.

The nature of the discussion that has lead to this was based on issues such as competitive advantage for competitors who were not walking between stations and were less fatigued by activity as a result, safety for competitors using vehicles, and for those around them, and insurance/public liability issues arising from incidents with vehicles.

If you have any questions regarding the policy please see one of the club executive (Karl Hales, Dave Jones, Mick Crane or Reg Biggs) and we will attempt to answer them, or seek the answers for you. We can also assist with the application.

Note: This policy applies to competitors vehicles only and does not apply to vehicles being used by club officials and staff for the purposes of running, preparing or packing up from events, or general work required for the running of the club (working bees etc.)


President:  Robert Passarin 0407 722 788
Secretary:  Jenn Wade 0408 300 749



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